With each product in our family, our goal is to make sure it’s sustainable, zero waste, and ecofriendly. Given the urgency of climate change we are facing, we as a brand want to be the frontiers in this field and be responsible to look after our planet we call home by reducing our consumption where possible and giving back to nature.


We concentrate on formulas that are pure and all-natural and free of alcohol, harmful chemicals, paraffins, and synthetic coloring agents. As part of our commitment to manufacturing only cruelty-free goods, our manufacturers have received international certification.

Leading producers and suppliers in Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America are where we get our items from. Our partners have received certification for offering moral and secure working conditions and for ensuring that it permeates all of our operations locally.


Amber glass and tin make up the majority of our principal packaging. To guarantee we are making the best choice for the environment, the material's potential to be recycled, and the quality of the product you have come to know and expect from us, we carefully assess the packaging material to be used.

The labels on all our products, apart from our essential oils, are made using plant-based compostable materials. Our thank you cards and small tags are specially printed on biodegradable seed paper. Each product clearly indicates on our website what can be recycled.

Our aromatic ma'moul and both candle ranges' boxes are made from recycled paperboard, which means they are further recyclable and biodegradable. The coating is an aqueous varnish which is completely biodegradable. Eliminating the plastic liners from the boxes is a further step reduce waste as part of our growing efforts to become zerowaste in 2022. Our international shipping boxes are composed of 100% recyclable kraft paper using cushioning a white kraft material to wrap the products.


You can give our products the finest second life by upcycling them. Our glass containers are very adaptable and may easily serve many purposes. Get as inventive as you like! If your local recycling center accepts these products, you may also recycle the packaging there. A list of acceptable materials can be found by contacting your local recycling center. Each recycling center establishes its own guidelines based on your community.